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With Ali Popoff-Grypma


Accountability is a unique 6 month program. It starts with a 1 hour assessment that I will assess your lifestyle, diet, sleep cycle, gut heath, exercise regimen, and energy. From your assessment I am able to tailor a specific plan for your individual needs and you have 2 (30 minute) check-ins each month and are given a new set of objectives and homework. The 6 month program is about slow integration that will change you lifestyle over time to give you long term results. This program primarily focuses on changing body composition through lifestyle changes and macro nutrient counting. Having a couch for the duration of 6 months teaches you how to manipulate your body composition regardless of what of life throws at you (travel, stress, lack of exercise, etc.).


When I started working with Ali I had spent thousands of dollars on Naturalpaths. I was frustrated with still feeling low energy and focused on all the things I couldn’t eat, taking a handful of expensive supplements every day. Ali’s approach was completely different, she got me eating more healthy food, working on basic things like bowel health and sleep. She helped me get over the fear that food was the cause of my symptoms, and the misguided belief that the cure was in some magic supplement. Within a month I felt more energy, and that I was eating to fuel my body. I have been able to increase my workouts and am finally building muscle. I highly recommend Ali’s services, she is always available for questions and offers an amazing cost per value.
— Maria Morley, BSc PT M2 Movement & Strength Physiotherapist
Coming back to PBY after my difficult pregnancy/postpartum was the best thing I ever did. Not only do I love the environment and workouts at PBY I love Ali. She had a heart of gold. Ali has a way of making your day better just with her smile. She is supportive and very knowledgeable. She has helped me every step of the way to get back to my pre pregnancy body. I am only 6 weeks into the Nutrition Program she runs and I have seen amazing results already. I feel more like my self again and I am so grateful. Ali supports me every step of the way and her kindness touches my heart. I am so blessed and thankful for her and everything she has done for me. I would recommend this gym and program to anyone and everyone. I cannot say enough good things about this place. I love love love it! The workouts get me sweating (which I love) and have given me tone back and more importantly my confidence. I am not where I want to be with my body yet but with Ali in my corner I know I will be there in no time. I’m thankful for her generosity, kindness, knowledge and amazing energy.
— Milenia
I’ve never been overweight. I’ve always worked out, eaten well, and for as long as I can remember; I’ve gone to PBY.
As I’m getting older; It’s been harder and harder to gain muscle and my energy level during and after my workouts wasn’t good. My sleep patterns were also on the decline due to hot flashes. I was also noticing my waistline was getting a little thicker.

I approached Ali and asked to meet with her, to find out if she had any suggestions to help with all of this.
First we discussed my daily routine including eating and sleeping. What supplements I took etc.

With Ali’s counsel, I changed and dropped a few supplements and changed when and what I was eating. Turns out I wasn’t eating enough. I had to increase my protein and carbs! Al gave me some suggestions to get started and told me I had to eat more bread!!! I was mortified! In my head I thought bread was the devil and would make my muffin top even larger! Turns out, just the opposite is true. I’m eating more, based on my body type, and exercise routine, and I have more energy. I’m sleeping though the night and I’m noticing I’m losing the fat around my middle! I’m a work in progress. I have to commit and challenge myself to continue with this new routine as my brain and body want to revert back to their old ways. I’m finding workouts to be more fun again as my strength and stamina build. I’ll continue to meet with Ali for support and counsel. Looking forward to the final outcome.
— Joanne

-Before & After-

Emily’s goals are to get STRONGER and increase her PERFORMANCE. In the first 4 weeks of her Accountability Package she’s getting just that. Down 3lbs and 6 inches and she has had a spike in her strength and performance. She set a new personal record with her Clean & Jerk / Back Squat and Snatch. She’s eating over 2500 calories a day and 155 grams of protein. What’s next? GAIN TRAIN! Watch out for this beast.
In 8 weeks he is down 16 pounds and now we are focusing on his strength and performance goals and increasing his lean muscle mass.
RESULTS AFTER 6 WEEKS! She is down 8 Pounds and 9 inches. SO proud of her!!