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Zero Pound Challenge

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Zero Pound.jpg

Zero Pound Challenge


Summer Fitness Camp: Zero Pound Challenge. Stay Accountable and don’t gain a pound over summer!

The structure of this challenge is about long term success AND shedding those layers for the warm weather ahead PLUS maintaining it through the summer months.

Get introduced to Power By You through our introductory offer 21 days for $21 starting April 1st.

Once your complete your introductory 21 days you have a weight in with measurements & progress photos. (Sunday April 21st).

From April 21st until September 21st you participate in the Zero Pound Challenge.

  • Check in once per month with a coach to do a weigh in and measurements and discuss any obstacles that are preventing you from maintaining your fitness commitments. (3rd Sunday of every month)

  • Discuss Nutritional Obstacles and come up with a REALISTIC game plan of success for the summer. (1x per month)

  • Receive a PDF of options to help make better choices at those backyard BBQs whether you are hosting or attending.

  • Group Work out: Post weigh in coaches and participants do a group work, hike or outdoor workout to keep up moral and motivation. (3rd Sunday of every month)

  • You are allowed 2 / 1 week holds during this time for travel and summer holidays. You will still be accountable to stay active on holidays but this time won’t count towards your total attendance.

WINNER - the person who attends the most classes from April 21st - September 21st, completes all the check ins and doesn’t gain one pound over the 5 months gets a 3 day 2 night trip to Mexico!

$49 per month for members

$189 per month for non members (after 21 days for $21 introductory offer)

If interested in this purchase please complete checkout with the total at $0 and Power By You admin will get in touch to collect payment.

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