Power By You

Forging Elite Fitness

Power By You is committed to creating a healthy community by providing a welcoming and positive environment with professional and dedicated coaches.
As a business we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard by being respectful, supportive and inspiring!

The 8 most fatal mistakes that CrossFit Gyms make:

#1. Cleanliness and Organization 
Any time I go into a CrossFit gym the first thing I noticed is the cleanliness. More often then not there is dog hair, human hair, dirt and dust bunny’s everywhere. The bathrooms are unkept, garbages over flowing and there’s stuff laying around every where. To me it’s pretty obvious why you need to clean your gym several times a day, especially bathrooms and change rooms. 

#2. Effective, Motivation and Supportive Coaching
To be a highly certified coach is one thing. But what if you have no people skills? Can’t converse? Can’t pick up on someone’s energy whether they need to be supported or motivated? To us Coaching has nothing to do with the certificates on the wall. 

#3. Down Time During Class
What does too much down time create in classes? Talking, distraction, change of state and focus. We believe in keeping people engaged and focused for the full hour. 
#4. Failure to provide Mobility, Activation and Rehab Programs,
Most CrossFit gyms fail to provide their clients with mobility programs. This kind of info comes easy to coaches and affiliate owners but to the average person it’s like speaking a different language. We are responsible for our own self care but as professionals we need to provide this kind of information to our members. 

#5. Only for the Elite 
Going to a CrossFit gym or any gym where you are treated differently based on your skill level is degrading and unnecessary. 

#6. Nutritional Support 
Failing to provide your members with basic nutritional information eliminates there chances of success. 

#7. Sliding Scale 
We believe that CrossFit should be financially accessible to anyone. 

#8. No Warm Up or “self guided”
Proper, guided warm ups are important for injury prevention and to maximize your results.